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Fox Vein and Laser Experts

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Every doctor’s office should operate and function like Dr. Fox’s staff at Cardiovascular Consultants of South Florida. The phone call reminders the day prior to my appointments, the short waiting time once in the office and the professionalism of the staff made it worth the 45 min. drive to each appointment. As a health care professional myself, it was always a pleasure going to my appointments and being taken care of by people that enjoyed their work and are good at what they do. I never thought that my leg would look normal again but thanks to Dr. Susan Fox and her staff, my leg looks normal for the first time. I don’t hesitate for a second on referring someone to Dr. Fox that has vascular issues with their legs As Dr. Fox says, I have sexy legs once again. Thank you so much.

They truly were amazing!

Yo quede muy feliz con mi tratamiento, desde el primer procedimiento desaparecio el dolor de mis piernas y despues de la segunda seccion ya pude volver a ponerme vestidos pues rapidamente obtuve magnificos resultados.

La doctora Fox es excelente tanto profesionalmente como el trato humano que recibi de ella, igual estoy muy agradecida con su enfermera son demasiado amables lo hacen sentir a uno muy bien.

Mil gracias, siempre las tendre en mi corazon.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Dr Fox my leg is like new again. About 3 1/2 years ago I develop a open wound on my leg that wouldn’t heal I went to two Doctors for help the first one told me that my open wound was due to poor circulation and that the wound would eventually close. I waited to see if my leg will get better before going to a specialist but it didn’t. The specialist prescribed silvadene again my open wound didn’t heal.  My wife took a picture of my open wound and showed it to Dr Fox who requested that I make an appointment to be seen in the office which I did.  Dr Fox recommended a procedure which I did and immediately my open wound began closing.


Dr. Susan Fox was amazing! At each visit her care, concern and expertise was exceptional. Her assistant, Francine was always professional and pleasant.

The office staff was always courteous. My treatment was done with minimum to no discomfort, and the results were wonderful! I no longer have pain in my legs and they look great as well!

I feel Dr. Fox was awesome on every level and I highly recommend her.

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