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Health And Healing Direct Primary Care

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Dr. Ostick is amazing, my little one lights up when she enters the room and my older son feels very comfortable with her. She's a great clinician and feels like a friend walking in the room every time to care for your family.


Dr Aimee Ostick was my PCP at UCLA in Malibu and I have followed her to new office and private practice. It was so worth it. She is experienced, personal, spiritual and actually cares. You are not just another number waiting for your her turn with her. I would give her and her office staff 6 starts if allowed! Thank You Dr Ostick.

Highly Recommended

I can't say enough about our visit this morning with Dr. Ostick and her nurse. They are both so personable, kind, extremely thorough, and just amazing in a million other ways! It was SO nice to not just be a number in a huge waiting room and then getting a quick 15 minute rushed exam, especially when it comes to my kiddos. My sweet boy was so sick and so sad. We were treated so kindly, tests were run, results were given, medicine was provided there at time of the visit! My little one is already feeling better! Another best part, it was SO less stressful for me!!! Thanks Dr Ostick and team!! You guys are the best! So glad we switched from the crowded, crazy, just a number Dr office that we've become used to, while dreading it!

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