Manhattan Primary Care

Manhattan Primary Care

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Friendly Staff

Nina M.

Dr. Fathollahi is the best! I followed her from her old practice here and she was great and the front desk was so lovely as well. Dr. Fathollahi has amazing bedside manner and she is always happy to answer any of my questions. She is very thorough. The front desk staff was extremely friendly and kind and got me in and out quickly.

Nice Doctor

Yuliya A.

One of the best doctors’ visits I have ever had from front desk to my check up. Dr.Fathollahi was very thorough, attentive and informative. Also incredibly nice. Highly recommend!

Caring Doctor

Amani G.

Literally the best doctor I have ever went too! She is such a caring doctor and takes time to discuss all your needs and concerns. Also she is genuinely a sweet person. Thank you for treating me Dr. Fathollahi! 

Best Physician

Frederick M

Dr. Fathollahi is the best physician I have ever had. She is extremely intelligent and caring and always able to provide a quick and concise action plan to solve medical issues. Highly recommend! 

Blessed to have Dr. Fathollahi

Franziska H.

Dr. Fathollahi has been my primary care physician for over 8 years now. She is the best doctor that I’ve ever had. I had referred her to my best friend and she switched over to Dr. Fathollahi. I’m honored and blessed that she is my doctor.

Best Experience


Best doctor experience I have had. I went in with a list of questions and she touched upon all of the subjects without me even having to say them. Very thorough and respectful !
The main reason for my checkup was to get blood work done to check my nutrition because of my vegan diet. She was knowledgeable about which tests to conduct in this situation and it was a great help.
I waited for about 30 minutes but she apologized profusely when she saw me. The wait was well worth the thoroughness and kindness.
I already have recommended her to coworkers

Amazing Doctor

Anna L

She is amazing! Best Dr. I’ve ever had. Very timely and takes lots of notes so she can follow up with past appointments and issues. She has great referrals and will prescribe medicine but also will give you advice on how to naturally take care of yourself by eating certain foods and suggesting vitamins. She listens to all of your concerns and gives an honest opinion and does not rush you.

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