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Manhattan Womens Health and Wellness

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It was a pleasure to visit Dr. Mariz office. This was the best general/annual OBGYN visit I have ever experienced. The receptionists were polite and pleasant. Dr. Mariz was proactive and very knowledgeable about my condition. I highly recommend him.

Friendly And Helpful

Everyone was friendly and helpful, the office was clean and the doctor was really professional and he took his time to explain everything I asked! I will definitely come back.


I had the best experience with this doctor. Fernando was a breath of fresh air, coming from OBGYN doctors in Manhattan I was so thankful to find hi. Great bedside manner, super nice and helpful. I will be returning to his office moving forward.

They truly were amazing!

I really liked Dr. Mariz! He was so kind, listened to me, and answered my questions. Also he was super down to earth and not condescending which is what I look for in a physician. I will likely make him my new GYN!! Very content with this practice and with this doctor so far.


The best OBGYN service from the moment you enter until you finish your appointment the doctor and the nurses and secretaries a 100% good service I loved it


Everyone in the office made me feel like I’ve been going there for years. The nurse who drew blood was a pro, as was Dr. Mariz. Definitely recommend this practice.

Highly Recommended

Such a nice doctor, super helpful, and really listened and answered every question. Definitely will be going back! Plus the office is really nice and the woman on the phone was so helpful and easy going

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