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Google Review 7

Brendan Tennefoss, NP has been one of the best primary care providers I have ever had! He listens to his patients and runs needed tests to find out what could be wrong with you. He is very thorough and I have appreciated that in my care. Brendan Tennefoss,treats each patient as they are his most important patient, this is what every person wants in a provider. He looks you in the eye and explains things to you in your appointments. He will take the extra time with you when you need it. Brendan is an AWESOME provider and I highly recommend him to anyone for their care!!!!

Google Review 6

Brendan is an excellent provider.He is patient, empathetic and communicates well. As a patient, I felt comfortable and was treated with respect and compassion. It was obvious that he genuinely cares about the well being of his patients.

Google Review 5

Brendan Tennefoss is great! He was able to answer all of my questions in a way that was easily understandable. The knowledge he possesses along with his kindness gave me the confidence in moving forward with my peptide treatments! Thanks Dr. T!

Google Review 4

Brendan and Demetria are both caring and very educated providers. The information and care I receive from them is valuable, educational and personally meaningful to me as I try to optimize my health and well-being. :-)

Google Review 3

Brendan is a most excellent provider. He spent an extensive amount of time LISTENING to me whereas historically providers give me 3 minutes of their time, then send me out with no answers.

I highly recommend him to anyone! He's helped me deal with my nagging allergies and helped me improve my sleep quality.

Google Review 2

I can't remember ever thinking that a provider was thoughtful in the sense that he was "full of thought." I felt like I had been heard and that I was actually a contributing member of my care team. It's refreshing to collaborate, learn about my options and feel supported.

Google Review 1

Brendan and Demetria are both sincere, dedicated and highly skilled practitioners. Not only do they love their profession, they strongly care for those under their care. Their friendliness and good-natured demeanor has made receiving care more than a palatable experience-I've thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with them both. I couldn't recommend them more strongly.

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