Pain Management NYC

Pain Management NYC


Good Experience


My visit to Dr. Reyfman was tremendous. The professionalism of the entire staff and the knowledge Dr. Reyfman has is the reason why I would highly recommend him to anyone that have pain issues.

Best Physician

Sally T

This man is a godsend! He has kept me pain free and able to function while working a 60hr a week job. I also like that he didn’t try and just put me on a bunch of pain pills. The most I have to use is a heating pad now and then. He is definitely who you want to help you live a pain free and pill free life!

Amazing Doctor

Rob B.

The doc was great, I was nervous because I was told I needed a cortisone shot immediately , and he recommended physical therapy first. The shot might not be needed. He answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable !!

Good Experience


My visit to dr. Reyfman was incredible. He spent as much time needed to explain my lower back pain. He gave me an injection and explained every step. The best pain doctor.

Great Manner

Aaron A.

The doctor and his staff explain everything and have a great bedside manner. Despite being full for new patients they worked with me to adjust the appointment slightly to squeeze me in without making me wait too long. Thankfully, his other patients were quite friendly and everyone was chatting back and forth despite being strangers.

Knowledgeable and Professional

Barbara R.

Empathetic very knowledgeable pain physicians that take the time to talk with patients. The PA and physician were great. A procedure was scheduled before I left the office for Monday morning and that is outstanding service and I could have had it done this morning. The staff are all welcoming and helpful.

Great Staff

Sally T.

I really enjoyed this visit. I was informed thoroughly of my options and what the process would be like with my insurance. This doctor did a lot of things my previous doctor did not and that made me feel secure about the choice I made. The office is really nice and the staff is great as well. I literally only have to walk 1 minute to get here I love it! This place will definitely get you on track with things!