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Precision Dental NYC

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Was looking for an amazing doctor that can take care of my problem and as crazy as it sounds a friend who lives in New York recommended for me to fly out from Chicago and visit precision dental office I was blown away by the results and the outcome of the procedure I needed done !!!! 5++++++++++++

They truly were amazing!

Never had issues going to Dr. Bokser. In my two years that I lived in Astoria he always did a great job. Front desk is always helpful as well. If you live in Astoria make sure you give them a visit.


Precision Dental is where all three of my sisters and I go, and we all love it. Dr. Irene Bokser is fantastic, warm, and one of the best dentists in Astoria. The staff is extremely patient and professional!


The best dentist office in Astoria. This dentistry center is very clean and the staff is extremely helpful and professional. The facilities are cutting-edge, and I would recommend Dr. Irene Bokser and Dr. Alexander Bokser to anyone!

Highly Recommended

I have been Irene and Alex patient for at least 20 years. They have been and still are responsible for the excellent health of my teeth and gums. My wife Madeline who is also a long time patience echos my review. They are understandable, very knowledgeable and professional. They care. I highly recommend them

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