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Great Doctor

Wesley Watson

My joints would ache after a day at the park and I could hardly stand it any longer. I decided to seek out help. I signed up to receive joint regeneration services from Rebalance NYC and they made me pain free. I cannot explain how great I feel, and I can walk without any issues now.

Felt Goddness

Lance Frosandrew

Thanks to the weight loss and body shaping program here, I am finally confident in my own skin. I wore a bikini for the first time in 13 years and I felt like a goddess.

Best Team

Jeffrey Mason

When my workout regimen stopped working, I sought out help. The team here was able to get me out of that plateau. I look and feel incredible. I lost an additional 15 pounds too!

Good Services

Andy Joelstone

My wife is very happy with their services. She takes IV vitamins every week there. And to be honest, we both can see a lot of improvement in her condition. I am considering an appointment for myself.


Douglas Trent

I will always go to this doctor and to these nurses. They are very warm, friendly, and experienced. Getting your IV vitamin therapy there is a piece of cake. And it’s not even expensive for NYC. I recommend!

Pleasant Experience

Willie Domingo

I highly recommend this team of doctors and nurses. If you need to take your vitamins as an IV, pay them a visit in Manhattan. Everyone is smiling and you feel like they really care about you. It was a very pleasant experienced (and it didn't hurt).

Best Doctor

Donna Barton

I was a bit worried the first time I went here to get a dose of intravenous vitamins. However, I soon realized that I had nothing to be afraid of. They explained everything and all I felt was slight pinch.

Best Therapist

Denys D.

I am a professional dancer and whenever I have any injuries or issues I always turn to Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky for help. Since I cannot afford to take any time off, Dr. Lipnitsky manages to put me back on my feet almost right away. Already within a day or two I can go back to rehearsals. I admire his professional work ethic and especially his experience with dancers and professional movers. Since Dr. Lipnitsky treats different types of dancers, he is knowledgeable in issues that appear in different styles of dance. This gives him a big advantage over the rest. Dr. Lipnitsky knows what needs to be fixed and always gives exercises so as to prevent the same issue in the future. With Arkady you always get a Five Star treatment.

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