Birmingham Direct Primary Care

Birmingham Direct Primary Care

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75 per month

* There is a one time enrollment fee of $75, once per household, at the time of registration.

What is included

Birmingham Direct Primary Care helps business owners compete for the best labor by offering a comprehensive, affordable, primary care benefits packages. For small employers currently providing insurance, we can help you save 36-60%. And for employers currently unable to provide coverage, you’ll be shocked by the economics of our direct primary care model.

Employee Benefits

  • Affordable access to primary care.
  • Same day or next day appointments. Minimal to none wait times.
  • Longer face time with physician. Personalized medicine.
  • No co-pays. Unlimited visits.
  • Convenient access to physician via call, text, email or video chat.
  • No need to miss work for doctors appointment if it can be handled via above modalities.
  • Greatly discounted medications and labs.

Employer Benefits

  • Larger groups get discounts .
  • One fixed monthly rate without hidden fees.
  • Higher employee satisfaction.
  • Overall lower healthcare claims.
  • Healthier employees means:
    • Fewer missed work days.
    • higher productivity.
    • Lower healthcare and worker’s comp claims.
    • Lower ED visits and hospitalizations.
Children (0-18 years old)

Children (0-18 years old)


$25/month (with an enrolled parent)