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laser hair removal

laser hair removal

Why wrestle with provisional hair removal procedures that infuriate you with recurring occurrences? You can opt for safe laser hair removal treatment!


Many of us are exhausted and irritated with undesirable hair growth and the impermanent solutions to cope with it. It is pretty obvious! Anybody having to undergo tacky excruciating techniques of waxing or the inconvenience of shaving every few days would feel so frustrating. Maximum of us categorically crave to have that impeccable solution to perpetually thwart undesirable hair growth and laser hair removal in Delhi is the most idyllic solution. Laser hair removal is the impeccable solution for those individuals who are earnestly keen on being able to enduringly eradicate hair from their bodies. This type of hair removal employs light energy that is released by lasers and which aids to eliminate any hair from the body that isn’t supposed to be there. When it concerns eliminating surplus hair from the body, both men and women are desperate for it. If you have tried shaving, waxing or tweezing the hair and found that outcomes are provisional anyhow; then you need to resort to lasers which guarantee much more long-lasting outcomes.

Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

Had a change of choice about your tattoos? You can remove body art with the most effective tattoo removal in Delhi. The renowned laser expert in Dwarka, New Delhi at Kashyap Skin Clinic safely removes tattoos in a clinically set up.

May be you are bored wit your tattoo and wishing that how beautiful it would be to have a plain body. It is now easy to get a tattoo removed at your locality. When you think of tattoo removal, several factors come to mind and you may be scared of the negative impact it as on your skin.

You may be considering how long it will take, and how effective it will be. Before you begin with the treatment, it is essential to discuss with trained professional, who can assist you with the right advice and ensure removal of your tattoo in the most effective way for you.

Laser Acne Scar Treatment

Laser Acne Scar Treatment

While acne itself is a annoying condition, it can keep a impact long after it’s gone in the form of acne scarring. While these superficial sets can continue to be an eye sore, Kashyap skin clinic provides a wide range of acne scar treatments to help patients discover comfort. From laser ablation to natural skin care and servicing, we can help discover the perfect non-invasive therapy for you. With our extensive, hands-on strategy, you can enjoy among the best acne scar treatment in Dwarka Delhi.At the Kashyap skin clinic, we understand that patients suffering from acne scarring are looking for immediate therapy. For this reason, we have a wide array of therapies to provide to all kinds of skin and colors. Your acne scratch therapy starts with a thorough assessment so our experts can determine which therapies will best suit your needs. They may have you go through a single therapy or a mixture of therapies to provide the best result.

The acne scratch course of action recommended will be reliant on several factors, such as the type of acne scarring you have, whether they are totally on the surface or increase into the further levels of your skin layer, as well as your skin tone and overall complexion.

Your acne scar course of action will be personalized to address your unique skin landscape. Understand that the further more extensive marks will take several therapies and a proper and balanced amount of tolerance while the skin cures. Trivial scarring damage will require tolerance as well. Treatments such as a deep chemical peel or a laser ablation both remove the broken cells, allowing the body to replace it with healthier smooth cells.

At Kashyap skin clinic there are three main groups of therapy. Skin skins and skins use materials designed to make the body to shed the outer lining tissues. Microdermabrasion uses small gems to actually eliminate the body as well as unclogging skin pores, this procedure is particularly good for the treatment acne itself as well as the marks. Laser treatments such as Isolaz can also eliminate the outer lining cells: it is exclusively targeted so that it won’t cause damage to common, healthy skin tissues.

Vitiligo Surgery

Vitiligo Surgery

Do you wish to know about Vitiligo and its treatment options? Visit Kashyap Skin Clinic for expert guidance!

Those who are struggling with pain when they encounter vitiligo all over the face or body, vitiligo surgery is certainly a boon to aid them to get rid of the obnoxious marks for life. Kashyap Skin Clinic has quite a lot of treatment techniques that can be used to cope with Vitiligo appropriately and Dr. S. K. Kashyap is one of the finest doctors for undergoing effective Vitiligo surgery in Delhi.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo or leucoderma is one of the principal reasons of concern in both males and females. It is a common skin malady in which patients have a loss of pigment in some regions of the skin. Vitiligo is a pigmentation ailment in the skin. The human skin encompasses special skin cells (melanocytes) that create the pigment melanin which colors the skin. In Vitiligo, the special skin cells (melanocytes) and also the tissues (mucous membranes) that line the mouths inside, nose, genital and rectal zones and the retina of the eyes are damaged. Consequently, white blotches of skin appear on diverse portions of the body. The hair might also turn white that grows in regions affected by vitiligo. Though Vitiligo does not cause any serious health issue, but it is a matter of extraordinary frustration and mental annoyance. Kashyap Skin Clinic, with its tremendously expert and exceedingly accomplished dermatologist, Dr. S. K. Kashyap, offers a positive solution to alleviate leucoderma effectively. Our special procedures that consist of laser treatments and skin grafting and pigment transplantation can warrant 100% gratification assurance with abiding outcomes.

Vitiligo surgery techniques

At Kashyap Skin Clinic, We use following methods for treating vitiligo.

  • By punch grafting
  • By suction blister grafting
  • By melanocyte transplant
  • By melanocyte culture
PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

Are you suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or seeing to see starting baldness? You can certainly do something about it! Opt for PRP therapy in Delhi to arouse hair growth.

Hair loss is tremendously common as it affects a lot of people all across the globe. Lots of males and females combating sudden balding or thinning hair resort to doctors for assistance. We offer revolutionary PRP therapy at Kashyap Skin Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi. Acknowledged for the most effective treatment for hair loss concerns, the PRP processes have been most prevalently accepted by individuals who desire to get rid of baldheadedness or hair thinning difficulties. Dr. S. K. Kashyap uses contemporary technology for the treatment and the outcomes are extremely effective.

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

PRP treatment is used for hair restoration for natural-looking outcomes. With a reedy needle, your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is vaccinated into the scalp. Then, the growth factors in your blood cells play their part and hair growth is naturally roused. PRP hair loss treatment in Dwarka, Delhi is appropriate for both males and females. It is a state-of-the-art, non-surgical, completely natural, alternate medical process used for the cure of hair loss or hair thinning. It is an injectable therapy which uses the patient’s own blood. Our blood plasma (PRP) encompasses active growth factors which can encourage hair growth. Facilitating to reinstate one’s self-confidence, the end product is a fuller, healthier-looking head of hair. The cost of PRP hair treatment can be substantial as more sittings might be required to get the anticipated outcome. PRP is also being used together with some hair transplant processes. PRP therapy works best on those having turgid thinning and shrunken hair and is appropriate for both males and females.



Is your birthmark bothering you? If yes, you can opt for laser birthmark removal!

A lot of individuals are born with birthmarks. Birthmarks can take on a catholic multiplicity of coloring, shapes and dimensions. Maximum birthmarks are trivial, not obvious, or unlikely to show outside of clothes. However, others can take a more projecting appearance and some can pose even a health risk. For these reasons, some folks visit dermatologist like Dr. S. K. Kashyap for safe, effective and low-priced birthmark removal in Delhi at Kashyap Skin Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi.

What are birthmarks?

Birthmarks are considered as the discolored skin blotches that can occur anywhere on the human body. Maximum birthmarks are developed before birth and some of them come after birth.

Types of birthmarks

There are three key kinds of birthmarks:

  • Pigmentation birthmarks refer to the kind of birthmark where the skin has excessive coloring or pigment. This embraces some moles, brownish or cream-colored spots.
  • Macular blemishes (often named as salmon patches) are flat and generally light pink blotches of skin frequently on the neck and eyelids. At times, these marks fade, chiefly those on kids’ eyelids, while several on the neck don’t vanish.
  • Vascular malformations are one of the most common birthmarks, named port-wine stains and can be found at anyplace on the body. These birthmarks do not disappear and can be situated in very evident zones such as the face.


Kashyap Skin Clinic is a leading centre of excellence for health care and beauty treatment. Expert dermatologist, Dr. S.K Kashyap is the pioneer in hair transplantation surgery in dwarka, New Delhi. The doctor and his qualified team have handled many cases of hair transplant successfully over the years at very reasonable cost. His skill and excellence in the field attract many patience come to him for this procedure from all over India.

Many men and women suffer a common problem- hair loss or badness. To meet this problem, there are many hair fall control products available, though these are temporary solutions and in some case they are not effective. The most permanent solution is hair transplantation. Dr. S.K Kashyap, a leading hair transplant surgeon in Delhi explains this process to help you make an informed choice for your hair.

The treatment started in the U.S, hair transplantation is the surgery to enhance beauty of a person with a head full of hair. It involves removing a thin strip of hair-bearing scalp and using it on the area with scanty or no hair. The surgery is done in the chamber under local anaesthesia. The doctor utilizes modern techniques to make the surgery effective and successful for long lasting result. Those who are looking for the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi, Kashyap Skin Clinic is the place for you.



Body shape and excess weight can affect the physical as well as mental health of an individual. Many of us are exhausted from trying various diets and workouts to get in shape but most of the times nothing works when long term commitment is involved. Self-esteem and body image issues tag along with that extra weight. Fortunately, with advancing technology you have a chance to lose stubborn fat and get into a perfect shape in no time. Laser body shaping and contouring treatment is one such modern tech for weight-loss management.

Kashyap Skin Clinic brings a novel Body Shaping and Contouring Treatment in Dwarka, Delhi to let you get rid of that extra weight and sculpt the body as you desire. It is a non-surgical, safe and time-saving weight reduction procedure. This treatment enables even the busiest individuals to achieve their body shape goals with minimum time and energy investment.

Our experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist have curated a comprehensive weight-loss programme for people looking for this treatment. Let’s make you understand how it works on the human body.

How does it work?

The main principle which leads to fat reduction is as simple as what happens in our body when we exercise. During heavy workouts, our body needs more energy, which is fulfilled by burning fat. Fat from our body flows through the blood, where it moves to the muscles to provide the energy they need. With this muscles perform better and helps in removing fat cells. A similar process happens in this treatment but the difference here is that during the body sculpting procedure motoric nerves are triggered without the patient needing to do any movements. The effect of the treatment is impossible to achieve with regular exercise, hence are the amazing outcomes it gives to the patient.

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