Transition Health

Transition Health

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5 services for Transition Health

Comprehensive Wellness

Comprehensive Wellness

  • Primary care for everyone of all ages
  • Medical care on your schedule via video, phone, text, email, and home visits
  • Up-to-date and evidence-based medical advice
  • Open-minded and excited to work collaboratively
Preventive Care

Preventive Care

  • Checkups, immunizations, and screening tests
  • Wellness advice and emphasis on health improvement
  • Personalized activity plans and exercise ideas
  • Nutritional analysis and counseling
  • Restorative practices and sleep improvements
  • Mental health support
  • Inclusive sexual health & gender-affirming care
Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

  • Lab ordering and analysis
  • Imaging ordering and evaluation
  • Coordination with your team of specialists
  • Attention to behavioral & mental health factors
  • Support for recovery from substance use
  • Monitoring and supporting your progress towards your specific goals
24 hours clinic

24 hours clinic

  • Rapid responses for sudden illnesses or injuries
  • Lab ordering and analysis
  • Imaging ordering and evaluation
  • Extensive background in musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment plans
Queer Medicine

Queer Medicine

Queer Medicine can encompass whatever we need it to. Please let Dr. Kurzet know what else you need. To start with, they offer:

Sexual health for everyone

  • Understanding of queer, poly, kink, & alternative practices
  • Sensitivity towards the needs of first-timers & for every age
  • Emphasis on having fun safely

Transgender & Gender-Expansive Care

  • Customized and informed healthcare
  • Support for gender exploration and discussion at all ages
  • Puberty blockade for youth
  • Individualized hormone options, inclusive of non-binary, genderfluid, and all identities
  • Letters for name, sex, and/or gender marker updates
  • Discussions of the options available for gender-affirming procedures
  • Referrals to & letters for surgeons
  • Referrals to behavioral health specialists for counseling and/or to obtain letters
  • Pre-operative physical exams and labs
  • Anesthesia for gender-affirming electrolysis sessions and required electrolysis prior to surgery
  • Help getting your insurance company to cover medications and/or procedures
  • Help with pharmacy issues

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