Transition Health

Transition Health

Transition Health

Transition Health is a direct primary care medical practice with a focus on individual and family health, and on supportive medical care for the LGBTQIA+ community. You’ll work closely with Dr. Kurzet to prioritize holistic wellness, movement, nutrition, and restoration. Our goal is to control any chronic medical conditions, prevent disease from progressing, rapidly address any new concerns that may arise, and give you confidence about your health.


Membership includes:

Comprehensive Wellness

  • Primary care, including preventive medicine, chronic condition management, illnesses/injuries, and medical advice.
  • Coordination with specialists, labs, and imaging facilities.
  • A care plan that addresses your specific health goals.


  • Direct communication with your doctor via phone, text, video, or email.
  • We’ll take the time required to get to know you and find personalized solutions.
  • Appointments today or as fits your schedule.
  • Home, hospital, and facility visits in the Eugene area.
  • The flexibility to address your needs as they arise.


Research demonstrates that consistent, strong relationships between people and their doctors increases the quality of their health care and decreases costs.

As a direct primary care provider, I do not bill your insurance. This allows me to spend more time on you and your concerns, researching advanced treatment plans, and coordinating your care. Your single membership fee covers unlimited physician visits, telemedicine in all forms, and selected minor procedures with no co-pays or insurance paperwork.

My goal is to provide exceptional primary care, thus decreasing the need for external expenses, but when these are needed your insurance will apply to them as usual. If you have health insurance, I keep that in mind when choosing where to send your tests and which specialists are in network. I also see patients without insurance, in which cases I work to obtain discounts for you on local labs and imaging.


Transition is the process of changing from the current condition to a new state. Dr. Kurzet is excited to help you make the positive changes you seek in your health via personalized, evidence-based, and patient-focused care.

Address 1623 Oak St, Eugene
OR 97401, United States
Phone 5413577594
Business Hours Mon: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM