HBI partners with Oonology.com


Health Beyond Insurance (HBI) has partnered with Oonology to offer additional convenience and healthcare cost savings.

Oonology is a simple and secure platform for patients to submit their out of network claims.

The company grew from the need for patients to have an easy way to submit Out of Network claims, while still being able to see the provider they prefer if the provider happens to be Out of Network.

Providers who have joined Oonology see more patients without worrying about being in-network with all insurance companies.

In the coming weeks, you will see more from Oonology on HBI's website and social.

We recommend that you offer your patients this easy to use service to submit their self-pay or out of network claims. Simply go to Oonology.com and start submitting claims. It is very easy and takes no time to upload a bunch of claims.

In phase I, Oonology will process medical claims. However, they are planning to accept dental claims by the end of April, 2022.

Visit Oonology