Blake  Weidaw M.D.

Blake Weidaw M.D.

Blake Weidaw M.D.

Dr. Blake Weidaw has several years of medical experience and has been a Board-certified physician in OB-GYN since 2008. She has been practicing fill-scope obstetrics and gynecology at Texas Medical Management. Her approach to patient care is honest and thoughtful. She was always enthusiastic about becoming a doctor and expressed her desire as early as four years of age.

Dr. Blake completed her graduation from Northeast Ohio Medical University in 2002. She combined college and medical school program and completed this intense combination in six years. She spent the maximum part of her life in Ohio before moving to San Antonio to complete her residency program. After her training was complete, she started her career as a faculty at a teaching hospital, thereby passing her knowledge to the next generation of medical students.

Dr. Blake Weidaw has been treating active servicewomen and their families at a Naval hospital since being a mentor. She opened her private practice in Austin. She can work successfully with different patients in a variety of clinical settings.

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