Dr. Sujata  Kumar

Dr. Sujata Kumar

Dr. Sujata Kumar

Dr. Sujata Kumar specializes in general Pediatrics. She did her pediatric Residency from University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. She is Board Certified and a Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics. Her clinic is in Wesley Chapel/New Tampa area.

She did her OB-Gyn Residency from BHU, India and has special interest in adolescent gynecological problems.

In her career, she has participated in a full spectrum of pediatric medicine and continues to be interested in the care of infants, children, teens, as well as young adults.

She has significant experience with pediatric nutrition and ADHD. She is committed to treating the whole child, and recognizes the connection between families, communities and individual health.

Her pediatric practice emphasizes preventive health and wellness rather than just sick care.

She is an avid reader and loves to read on a variety of subjects. She also loves to spend time on the beaches of Tampa Bay area.

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