Sydney Pacelli

Sydney Pacelli

Sydney Pacelli

Physician Assistant Partners with Patients on Long-Term Health

“We need to do as much as we can to maximize patients’ health before the point where medical interventions are needed.

Sydney Pacelli was deciding between medical school and a career in research when she discovered the physician assistant profession. “I learned about physician assistants from a family friend, a physician,” she said, “and when I did some research, I found that it was exactly what I wanted.” She valued the opportunity to follow patients’ health long term and enact meaningful change. She especially liked the physician assistant’s role in a team-based approach to healthcare with the focus on the patient at its core.

Sydney chose Vanguard because of the practice’s focus on a medical home. “It’s so important to keep patient care within the community with providers who understand the role of access in delivering quality healthcare,” she said.

Primary care is all about preventive health, noted Sydney, and she strives to meet her patients where they are. “I know how difficult it can be to prioritize diet and exercise, and so we focus on making positive choices and taking small steps toward a larger goal.” Sydney’s patients like that she takes the time to really listen to their concerns and needs, and address them. “I want to build trust with my patients and develop those relationships over time with quality care and follow-up.”

When she’s not working, Sydney enjoys spending time with friends and family, including her three dogs, Tux, Bowtie and Blazer. She also is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys a guilty pleasure—reality TV shows.

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