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Diamond Physicians

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Diamond Physicians

Diamond Physicians revolutionary healthcare delivery model removes insurance and price fixing from the equation. Simplifying primary care lowers costs and dramatically improves the patient experience. Enjoy direct access to your doctor for less than a cup of coffee a day. Welcome to the future of primary care! At Diamond Physicians, we do things differently.

Our Goal

Our goal is to attract and retain members, not perform procedures and bill insurance for tests you don’t need. DIRECT ACCESS: Direct Access To Your Doctor Via E-mail And Text. NO WAIT TIME: Virtually Zero Wait Time And Unlimited Visits With Your Provider.


Issues Addressed, Immediately. ZERO COPAY: Unlimited Visits At A Cost Of Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day With Zero Copay. UNLIMITED URGENT CARE: Virtually Zero Wait Time And Unlimited Visits With Your Provider. DEEP DISCOUNTED LAB: Deeply discounted prices with local lab, medical imaging partners and pharmacies.

Address 8222 Douglas Avenue, Suite 700, Dallas
Texas 75225, United States
Phone 214-317-4438

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