Dr. Anthony Lyssy, MD

Dr. Anthony Lyssy, MD

Dr. Anthony Lyssy, MD

With years of experience, Doctor Anthony Lyssy possesses the knowledge and experience to help his patients achieve healthier and happier lifestyles. Dr. Lyssy believes that every patient deserves exemplary attention and guidance. To ensure his patients receive top-notch services and treatment, he works hard to stay up to date with new practices and methods of exercise and lifestyle modification through processes involving diet, stress management, and recovery.

Dr. Lyssy joined Diamond Physicians when he noticed the level of care, compassion, and amount of time the team offered to their clients. He works hard to communicate with his patients effectively and explains how certain illnesses and diseases can be prevented through a healthy and active lifestyle.

Dr. Lyssy is committed to listening to his patients so that he can generate effective treatment based on their individual needs. Prior to his career as a board certified family physician, Dr. Lyssy attended The University of Austin where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree with honors.

Following his undergraduate coursework, he enrolled in The University of North Texas Health Science Center where he earned his medical degree. Dr. Lyssy advanced his education and gained a Board Certification in Family Medicine. Since then, Dr. Lyssy has devoted his life to helping others achieve the lives they have always wanted.Outside of spending quality time with his family, Dr Lyssy is an avid golfer and a lover of all sports.

He passionately follows Longhorn athletics as well as all Dallas professional teams. Yoga, running or early morning workouts are a daily staple, and he always enjoys staying up to date on the latest medical research in areas of wellness and prevention.

Dr Lyssy’s support system includes a gorgeous wife, Sarah Jane Lyssy, along with 3 beautiful (and busy) children, Jack, Katherine and Mary Ann.

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