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Address: 8222 Douglas Avenue , Dallas, United States

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Diamond Physicians revolutionary healthcare delivery model removes insurance and price fixing from the equation. Simplifying primary care lowers costs and dramatically improves the patient experience. Enjoy direct access to your doctor for less than a cup of coffee a day.
Welcome to the future of primary care! At Diamond Physicians, we do things differently. Our goal is to attract and retain members, not perform procedures and bill insurance for tests you don’t need.

DIRECT ACCESS: Direct Access To Your Doctor Via E-mail And Text.
NO WAIT TIME: Virtually Zero Wait Time And Unlimited Visits With Your Provider.
ISSUES ADDRESSED: Issues Addressed, Immediately.
ZERO COPAY: Unlimited Visits At A Cost Of Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day With Zero Copay.
UNLIMITED URGENT CARE: Virtually Zero Wait Time And Unlimited Visits With Your Provider.
DEEP DISCOUNTED LAB: Deeply discounted prices with local lab, medical imaging partners and pharmacies.

What is included
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Direct Primary Care Membership

UNLIMITED PRIMARY CARE Our membership plans include…

All-Inclusive Membership with Price Transparency We don’t nickel and dime you with copays or blind-side you with a thousand-dollar urgent care bill. One low monthly fee includes all your primary care visits, annual physical exam with EKG, point of care labs like a flu and strep test, in office medications like anti-inflammatory and steroid shots, plus guaranteed same day appointments. Time with your Doc We limit our patient panel to 600 instead of 4,000 in the insurance model. That means 30 – 60 minute visits and no more sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours. Time is the only commodity we can’t get back. At Diamond, we do not waste your time, so you have more for the things that really matter! 24/7 Access Imagine all of your health concerns being addressed within minutes. We leverage technology to deliver medical care at YOUR convenience anywhere in the world with our HIPAA secure app designed for our members.

UNLIMITED PRIMARY CARE Our membership plans include wholistic primary care and Annual exam with EKG, Urgent care procedures, In-office medications, Point of care testing (strep, flu, urinalysis, etc. PERSONAL DOCTOR You are one of 600 instead of 6,000 patients with access to your private doctor. That means 10 times the attention. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS With our membership, you are guaranteed same day in-office appointments with 24*7 access to your own concierge doctor via secure telemedicine app. EXTENDED/RELAXED VISITS We pride ourselves in proactively managing your health. Our visits are never rushed as we want to know everything about you and your family. Our sessions average 30 -60 minutes. You will never feel rushed in our relaxing environment. YOUR SECURE ACCESS TO US 24×7 Utilizing a HIPAA compliant telemedicine app designed specifically for our members, our doctors can be reached 24*7 to address any concerns you might have. We leverage technology to streamline your primary care experience and deliver services in the most efficient manner on our HIPAA secure platform. ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS Our members enjoy significant savings (up to 90% off) ancillary medical services. We have negotiated deep discounts for labs and diagnostic imaging by partnering with laboratories, medical imaging facilities, and pharmacies.

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direct primary care

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Primary Care physician

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Preventive Care

Not Provided

Carotid Artery Scan

Determine your “Arterial Age” and discover dangerous cholesterol plaque that directly causes heart attacks and strokes

Not Provided

Advanced Cholesterol Testing

Includes lipoprotein and omega fatty acid assessment

Includes lipoprotein and omega fatty acid assessment

Not Provided

Inflammatory Markers

Identify your true risk for catastrophic cardiovascular events

Not Provided

Genetic Markers

Identify individuals genetically at risk for inflamed arteries

Not Provided

Advanced Nutrition Evaluation

Determine balance of all vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, macronutrients, omega acids, metabolic cofactors, digestive enzymes, toxic exposures, and heavy metal toxicities

Not Provided

Advanced Hormone Assessment

Identify correlation between sex hormones, stress response, thyroid, and hormonal mood disorders (includes testosterone and estrogen evaluation)

Not Provided

Adrenal Exhaustion Evaluation

Assess your body’s ability to handle stress

Not Provided

Advanced Digestive Tract Assessment

Track biodiversity and balance, identify yeast and essential digestive enzymes, measure inflammatory and infectious markers, Inflammatory Bowel Assessment & Leaky Gut Evaluation essential for those struggling with IBS symptoms

Not Provided

Gluten and Celiac Evaluation

Identify inflammatory triggers such as gluten sensitivity in the GI tract

Not Provided

Micronutrient Absorption

Evaluation to determine if your body is absorbing nutrients properly

Not Provided

H. Pylori Evaluation

Bacteria causing stomach ulcers

Not Provided

Home Sleep Study

Assess quality of sleep, detect sleep apnea and the ability to recover from stress

Not Provided

Genetic Telomere Length Assessment

Determine your true biologic age analyzing the rate of cellular decay

Not Provided

The Ultimate Wearable Device

OURA Activity and Sleep Quantification Ring evaluates stages of sleep, recovery, mental sharpness and activity readiness on a daily basis

Not Provided

Functional EEG:

Test your cognitive performance with a next-generation functional EEG. We can now determine if each portion of your brain is firing appropriately

Not Provided

Brain Speed Assessment

Objectively manage memory loss, cognitive function, and mental processing speed and power over time

Not Provided

Mental Well-Being Assessment

Evaluate anxiety, depression, and ADHD risk factors and implement treatment with non-pharmacologic evidence based neurofeedback

Not Provided

Mental Balance Evaluation

Measure sympathetic and parasympathetic tone

Direct Primary Care Physician James Pinckney II, MD

Dr. James believes that integrity and hard work are critical to building customer loyalty. A visionary, he founded Diamond Physicians in 2012, a membership medicine practice that focuses on the patient-physician relationship. This healthcare niche has gained momentum in response… more...

Direct Primary Care Physicians Anthony Lyssy, MD

With years of experience, Doctor Anthony Lyssy possesses the knowledge and experience to help his patients achieve healthier and happier lifestyles. Dr. Lyssy believes that every patient deserves exemplary attention and guidance. To ensure his patients receive top-notch services and… more...

Direct Primary Care Physician Tara K. Bagen,MD,CAQSM

Dr. Tara firmly believes our country should place more emphasis on the importance of access to healthcare that subsequently allows doctors to provide their patients with high quality care. In fact, it was the low volume, extended patient visits, and… more...

Direct Primary Care Physician Shahan Chowdhury, MD

Shahan Chowdhury, MD is a Board Certified Physician with more than 15 years of experience in primary care and family medicine. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from University College London and a Doctor of Medicine Degree from… more...

Direct Primary Care Physician Cynthia R. Stuart, MD

Dr. Stuart is a Board Certified Family Physician who graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She then attended medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth.… more...

Direct Primary Care Physician James Bohnsack, MD

James Bohnsack grew up in rural North Central Missouri in a town with a population of 5,000. His father was a general practitioner, and while observing his father’s devotion to helping people, Dr. Bohnsack decided he wanted to follow in… more...