Dr. Sheev Dattani

Dr. Sheev Dattani

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Dr. Sheev Dattani

Dr. Dattani is a highly regarded Colon & Rectal surgeon who is robotically trained and board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Dattani is proud to be the highest volume Robotic Colon and Rectal Surgeon in Idaho as well as the first surgeon to perform a Robotic Tamis Procedure in Idaho (a new minimally invasive technique that removes rectal tumors via the anus).

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, His love for medicine started early, spending many weekends as a child on patient rounds at the hospital with his father, also a physician.

Dr. Dattani met his wife, a Boise native, as a medical student while completing rotations in New York City. After completing his residency at the University of Saskatchewan—a large teaching hospital and level 1 trauma center—and a Robotic Colorectal Surgery fellowship in Tampa, Florida, he and his wife returned to Boise, where just two weeks into colorectal practice at Saint Alphonsus, his daughter was born.

During residency, Dr. Dattani had the privilege of working at many highly regarded academic teaching centers, such as Mount Sinai in Toronto, Canada and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where he published research on J Pouch Outcomes. He also spent time in Boise, meeting and working with his mentors, and is now honored to have joined them in practice.

Dr. Dattani enjoys living and caring for patients in Idaho. He is passionate about the patient experience and empowering patients to be actively involved in their own care. Dr. Dattani incorporates modern surgical techniques, evidence-based medicine and a patient-first approach to meet patients where they are and educate, support and advocate for them throughout their experience.

Additionally, Dr. Dattani holds the following academic titles, Clinical Assistant Professor in the UW Department of Surgery, Assistant Professor of Colorectal Surgery, Idaho COM, and Idaho State University, Affiliate Faculty Status. He is actively involved in teaching and surgical education.


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