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Do Ms.Medicine Providers interact with each other?

At Ms.Medicine we are building a network of like-minded physicians who are interested in raising the level of care that is provided to women and their families.  With that in mind, we have many formal and informal ways – such as CME events, our Ms.MedEd Monday Night Discussion Group and Clinical Discourse Forum – that facilitate and encourage interaction between our providers and with members of the Provider Alliance and Provider Executive Group.

Do Ms.Medicine practices only care for women? If I open a Ms.Medicine practice do I have the option to continue seeing male and pediatric patients?

While the Ms.Medicine focus is advancing healthcare for women, we’re committed to providing the very best care for all adult patients, including men.  Further, depending on your board certification (i.e., family medicine) you are also welcome to see pediatric patients.

As a Ms.Medicine affiliate, you’ll complete advanced training in women’s health, addressing the complex health needs of women, including menopause, sexual health, bone health, and more.  Our network will connect you to nationally known women’s health internists and specialists, and you’ll participate in ongoing training to help address your patients’ needs.

Are Ms.Medicine practices only for female providers?

No.  We welcome all providers who are relentless in their pursuit of providing evidence-based, comprehensive care for patients.

I'd like to become a telemedicine provider. Can I see patients in any state?

No.  You are only able to see Ms.Medicine patients in states where you hold a current, unencumbered license to practice your profession.

Can my patients use their FSA/HSA dollars to pay for their membership?

HSA/FSA plans are the responsibility of the patient.  Each one has different rules regarding membership medicine.  Patients should contact their administrator for details.

Do Ms.Medicine Providers accept commercial insurance?

No.  We believe opting out of health insurance contracts provide several benefits:

  • It allows you to provide care to your patients in the manner you choose, with only the medical needs of the patient being considered.  Further, your documentation is for YOU, not the insurance company or health system requirements.
  • It allows for complete price transparency for patients.  They will never incur coinsurance or copays, which is especially important for patients with high deductible plans where the additional costs can be large.
  • Finally, there are costs both from a financial and human resource perspective associated with dealing with insurances that believe do not justify the additional revenue or impact on patient care.

Why doesn't Ms.Medicine participate in Medicare?

Medicare physicians (whether “participating” or “non-par”) cannot charge beneficiaries extra for Medicare-covered items or services.  Our membership fee for primary care is a bundle of services that CMS would consider covered and non-covered, therefore we cannot accept Medicare.

Additionally, the federal Anti-Kickback Law states the fee paid by the practices/providers should not be directly or indirectly related to the volume or value of Medicare patients/billings/referrals.  This issue disappears if the provider opts out of Medicare.

Can I open a Ms.Medicine practice if I'm just starting out as a provider?

For providers just starting out, we welcome you to join our Provider Alliance.  Typical Ms.Medicine providers have at least 5 years of experience in practice, developing a panel of patients, honing skills and learning, learning, learning!

What happens when I want to retire? Who will take over my practice?

When the time comes for you to retire, as the owner of your practice, you have full control over whether to sell or close your practice.  Ms.Medicine will work with you to develop a transition strategy without disruption to patient care.

I love the concept, but do I have to use the name Ms.Medicine in my practice name?

The Ms.Medicine name lends credibility and embodies dedication to comprehensive, gender-specific, evidence-based care.  We want you to feel proud of your practice, so our team will work with you to establish a branding scheme that works right for you.

What is the difference between Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Concierge Medicine? Do all Ms.Medicine practices offer both?

While both DPC and Concierge Medicine are types of membership medicine, Concierge care focuses on the value-added services like a dedicated physician who truly knows their patients and is available 24/7, providing preventative and wellness services as well as primary care. 

A DPC model focuses on access and cost-savings for patients who desire price-transparency and the ability to see a provider as needed.

At Ms.Medicine practices, concierge care is always provided by a physician and is truly focused on building a healthcare partnership that is not transactional or episodic, but rather focused on a relationship between the patient and provider with utmost wellness at the forefront.  At Ms.Medicine practices, DPC is offered by a Nurse Practitioner and is a wonderful way to provide affordable, accessible and exemplary care for patients that need a more transactional relationship.

How likely is it that my patients will be willing to transition to the Ms.Medicine women’s health concierge model?

A typical Ms.Medicine practice will transition 10-15% of their patients. Ms.Medicine provides patient recruitment services before, during and after your transition to communicate the Ms.Medicine difference to your existing and prospective patients.

Is Ms.Medicine only opening Primary Care practices?

At this time Ms.Medicine is only working with Primary Care Providers and OB/Gyns.  For clinicians outside of these specialties who share our passion for elevating the care of women, we encourage you to join our Provider Alliance or participate in our Ms.MedEd programming.

Are there financial benefits for transitioning my private practice to a Ms.Medicine practice?

Yes.  The Ms.Medicine concierge model offers both financial benefits for providers and patients.  For example, as a Ms.Medicine provider, you can expect to make 2-3 times your current health system salary (based on national averages) seeing 8-14 patients per day.  Our Ms.Medicine leadership team will collaborate with you to ensure your new practice structure establishes financial sustainability and increases revenue.

What does the Ms.Medicine Team provide in terms of services?

With a physician at the helm and a team of specialists who have launched and supported many concierge practices, we walk beside you to launch and run a successful practice.  Specific services include operations support, marketing services, technology/EMR and inclusion in a network of like-minded clinicians who are elevating the level of care provided to patients.

Why do I need Ms.Medicine?

You have worked hard to become a fantastic clinician, but may not feel confident in your ability or have the time to navigate the many steps it takes to launch and run a successful business.  The Ms.Medicine team providers a roadmap to success and surrounds you with the operational and clinical support you will need to start and grow your business.

Will I own my Ms.Medicine practice?

Yes!  Our network providers have 100% ownership over their practice.  Ms.Medicine does not take any equity position in our affiliates or partners. 

How will the Ms.Medicine model impact patient care?

Your patients will receive a higher level of care.  Care is under the provider’s purview, not dictated by patient volumes and insurance documentation.  Patient will have a provider who understands their whole health and can partner with them through illness, wellness and prevention.  Practices provide evidence-based care, which is the gold standard for healthcare.

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