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Kevon Owen

All marriages have stress. Most of the time the couple can work it out.  When marital problems increase in frequency in intensity, or if the threat of separation is imminent, counseling is a logical option. If you’re willing to work to make it work, I want to come along side to offer guidance and mediation.  Your marriage can be restored. 

Teens and children encounter a lot of challenges. These challenges such as defiance, anger, anxiety, depression, poor coping, and sexual issues that are not resolved in early life can create unhealthy lifelong habits and damage future and current relationships. Dealing with these issues earlier in life gives the best chances of correcting those problems and leading to a joyful and productive future. Counseling teens and kids can produce fantastic results.

Stress can be caused by finances, mistakes, infidelity, trouble with kids and countless other things. I would love to tell you stress can be eliminated… but there will always be stress. I want to help you know how to properly deal and cope with your stress. With that help you can be a healthier and happier person.

Depression is one of the most common issues, it can be situational and able to be pin pointed to a cause or a chemical imbalance. Often depression can cause a feeling of hopelessness, or the feeling that you will never be able to get past it. Take Hope! The vast majority of depression cases are able to be treated!

Address 16 E Ayers St, Edmond
Oklahoma 73034, United States
Phone 405-740-1249

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