Ohana Direct Primary Care

Ohana Direct Primary Care

Ohana Direct Primary Care

Our Mission:

 Regain control of your health, your money, and your time with Direct Primary Care. With Ohana, you will find a very personalized medical experience that mimics what it would be like to actually have "a medical provider in your family.

" From annual exams and wellness visits all the way to ear infections and suturing of wounds, we will take care of you.

You will never have to visit urgent care again because all your primary care and urgent care needs will be met under one roof.

With Ohana, you will never again feel like your healthcare is over priced and under-served.  

Our Practice

The idea of Ohana Direct Primary Care (DPC) was born during a family vacation in Kauai; hence the name "Ohana", which means "Family" in Hawaiian.  It was at this time that we were brainstorming on how to bring medical care to the homes of patients in a affordable, safe, and beneficial manner.

At Ohana DPC, we value the concept of family. Our business is family owned by Jessica and Cassandra's families. Ohana was founded on the principle that as a community, we take care of each other, just as we would our own families.

Ohana offers you and your family a very personal, compassionate, quick, and stress free medical care experience. 

 At Ohana, we follow a medical practice model called "Direct Primary Care". Direct primary care is a model in which patients pay their primary care provider directly, rather than through their insurance company.

In practice, that means patients pay a monthly fee giving them access to their provider instead of paying a insurance company premiums and co-pays. 

With Direct Primary Care, you will have access to your provider via their personal cell phone. By eliminating the middle man (insurance companies), direct primary care practices can focus their attention on what is most important, the patient.

You will never wait weeks to get in to see your provider, all your visits will have at least a hour time block reserved, and if your sick or injured we will see you at a same or next day appointment time!

Too sick to come to the office? That's okay, we can come to you!

‚ÄčAt Ohana, we also offer whole sale discount pricing on lab work, medications, and imaging studies. Yes, that means we pass all our savings right back to you!

If you have traditional medical coverage, we can also have your insurance billed for all labs, diagnostics, and medications if you decide not to get the discounts through us! 


Address 6632 E Carondelet Drive, Tucson
Arizona 85710, United States
Phone 520-262-2500