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Dr. Jamal Lawrence, MD

Dr. Jamal Lawrence, MD


Dr. Jamal Lawrence, MD is a board certified Family Medicine Physician.

He is a New York native, who graduated from the State University of New York at Binghamton with B.A. in the Biological Sciences and a Minor in Sociology. After graduating college it was his hope to combine his studies in the practice of medicine. A year after graduating, Dr. Lawrence went on to attend Indiana University School of Medicine and later completed his training at the Savannah Family Medicine Residency program at Memorial Health in Savannah Ga. After graduating Dr. Lawrence traveled throughout Georgia providing care to patients as a solo practitioner in a rural setting and also a wound care physician but Savannah remained close to his heart. He is now in the process of establishing his own practice in Savannah, Georgia as a direct primary care physician.

Throughout his education and training Dr. Lawrence has held numerous leadership positions in various organizations and was even recognized on local and national levels for his leadership and service to his community.

It was during residency that Dr. Lawrence recognized that he had a knack for establishing patient rapport and developing therapeutic relationships with his patients, complemented his high quality patient care.

After learning about, direct primary care it became obvious to him that the it was the method most congruent with desire to impact patients on deeper level while providing affordable and accessible health care without the bureaucracy and red tape of the current healthcare system. Thus the impetus for Harvest Health MD was developed. Winning S.C.O.R.E. Savannah’s 2020 Bizpitch Competition only further validated the concept of Harvest Health MD and its potential impact on his community. 

As an extension of Dr. Lawrence, Harvest Health MD seeks to deeply impact its patients and improve the quality of life of everyone that it is affiliated with. Dr. Lawrence is also a Health and Wellness enthusiast, which you can see demonstrated through his Lifestyle Medicine approach to patient care as well as his own lifestyle choices.


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