Dr. Cara Harrop

Dr. Cara Harrop

Dr. Cara Harrop

I was six years old when I realized I wanted to be a doctor. Growing up in a small town in Wyoming, I imagined being a doctor meant trading house calls for eggs and homemade bread.

I went to college at the University of Wyoming and medical school at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. I did my family practice residency in Fort Collins, CO and moved to Montana in 2003.

I was employed as a family practice physician in this community for 14 years before I stepped away from clinical practice to get a Master’s degree in Healthcare Innovation.

The barriers to the delivery of quality care in our healthcare system inspired me to seek change. 

I stumbled across Direct Primary Care as an alternative and fell in love with a model that allows me to be much more available to my patients and deliver quality care at an affordable and predictable price.

I have a teenage daughter, Ryan, who is attending Northern Arizona University. 

In my spare time, you will find me outside running, riding my horses, playing with my dogs, fishing or reading a

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